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10 Goals for 2020 !

Since this is the beginning of the year, I would like to write about my 10 goals for 2020. I’ve decided to write this, as i want to have goals in my life. I’ve been living in the year where I don’t have any goals to achieve as I just go with the flow in my life. Actually, I wanted to have the 20 goals for 2020 but, i don’t know what to achieve, maybe if i want to add some goals i will just update it. So, you can also refer to this list as your goals or you can set your own goals by referring from my goals its okay as long as you enjoy doing it and ready to challenge yourself to face the 2020 chapter of your life. Without any further ado let’s get it!


It should be my #1 list because i love to travel (if i have a chance). I really want to go for days, weeks, even months to spend outside my country. I really love to experience the 4 seasons in other countries. Actually, i have some list of places I want to visit this year. I planned to go to Thailand, Taiwan, Bintan island or Genting highland, and hopefully, Korea. Can’t wait for it! Hopefully my plan works! 

Learn new skills

One of my favorite instruments that i really hope to expert with, since I was primary is Piano. Aside from Piano, I also love to learn Violin and Kalimba!

I finally got my first keyboard in 2019 and i feel so grateful for that. I’ve been saving my money for almost half a year.

here’s my dream piano

For almost a year, every night (an hour) I will spend my time sitting in front of my keyboard playing the song that I’ve learned it from YouTube. YouTube is helping me a lot in learning my music instrument. I begin to know about some things related to music like the treble clef, bass clef that i don’t even know when I bought my keyboard. I am kind of feeling proud to my own self as i have learn almost 5 songs (not that perfect though) I sometimes forgot my last piece after I played my new piece. I don’t know if that is a usual thing or not but I am like that. 

One of my wishes for my 2020 is to learn a musical instrument from the real expert, i wanted to have a teacher who always there to support me and tell me if something was wrong because, lately I just being my own teacher. I want improvement!

Aside from musical instrument, i want to learn new languages! I want to improve my English, learning Korea and also Chinese! 

More exercise in 2020

I saw a lot of people on Instagram wearing their crop top and i wish i would have that kind of belly too. I want to work out especially for my belly fat. I’ll share with you some articles that I wanted to try and work on.

I will definitely go for it and maybe will update it to you guys, if i wish to. I bought my yoga mat, body trimmer and the jumping rope in case I need them. I swore to myself I’ll get what I wanted! 

Be more active, productive and be positive

I want to write more stories to my blog, I want to make a video about my travel journey and life to share it on YouTube; I want to be more active and productive in 2020. The reason why i want to keep my stories online is because i don’t know how long my phone storage will cover all my things and I think one of the best places is to share it on the internet. I can re-read it when i wanted to or maybe i can inspire other (if I can). I want to be someone who is useful for others (in a good way ofc). Being more active in order for me to get more money lol that’s what i am thinking about. Get money by working online! 

Lastly, I should become a more positive person that i wish i will no longer curious about something that i shouldn’t curious about. No more suspicious things about anything and be more positive in all the way i could. 

Control my finance 

Controlling my money is the hardest thing for me to do but i will do the best for it. Whenever I went to a new place, i would like to use a new thing, that’s my bad! Even though i have one kind of item, I would like to buy another; i am trying to be more grateful with what I have and trying to less compare myself with others. I know it is easy for me to write about it, but i bet it’s hard for me to make it happen. I will try it and will be better in 2020. 

Eat healthy diet 

Since i have obsessed with workout and exercise, i just want to eat a healthy diet; i am trying to lesser the consumption of rice and eat more vegetables or fruits. I also will start to drink a lot of water, I don’t hate water but sometimes i don’t like to drink water. I am ready to manage my eating schedule and trying myself to pay more attention to what I am eating. Aside from being healthy, a good diet is also good for our body and soul. That’s what I am thinking about and also the reason why I started to eat healthy and clean. 

Be friendly

I am not friendly and I am sure I am not. I realized it, but i don’t know what to do with that. I am finding difficulties in making friends. I only have some friends in my circle and I don’t know what will happen until they can be called as my friends. I am sure the reasons i got some friends is because my friends are good to me and can easily be friends with anyone. So, if you are a stranger and didn’t know anything about me, you will say I am too arrogant. But if you already know me, i don’t know how long you will stay with me because I am somewhat sarcastic (they said).

More me time and self-care 

I easily get bored kind of person. I like to go for the spa treatment when I found something stressing me, that’s a good idea for me. I am trying to become more independent in my own way and wanted to take care of myself more than I was before. Self-care and self-love are both things that I wanted to do in this New Year. I want to take more care to my body from my hair to my toes. I am trying to use aloe vera to my hair once a week, putting mask to my face twice a week, go to the face treatment once a month, go to a spa treatment once a month. I think that’s important for me to do.

Limit my sit 

I am working and i always sit in front of my desk. I sit for a long time in a day and I know that it’s not a good idea for me to always sit on my chair. So, i am trying to lesser my sit and do some stretching when i am feeling tired of sitting.

Go to concert 

The last list is actually a wish, a wish as i am an iKONics since last year and I wanted to go to their concert once or more in my life. Not only iKON concert, I also wanted to go for Coldplay Head Full of Dreams concert, though i know i cannot attend it anymore but that was my wish years ago. Recently I like to listen to Red Velvet’s and BtoB’s songs and i wanted to join their concert too.

Ps. I love both groups after i watch Joy Red Velvet and Sungjae BtoB on We Got Married season 4. That’s the best couple and i really shipped them.

Oh, have you listen to Red Velvet’s new song, Psycho? I love the song and been repeating every night.

Additional wish for the New Year is to have peace in this world. This is not actually for only me, but all the people in this world, because I’ve been so sad to see what happened to this running world. Peace for everyone! 

That’s all for today’s post. I am ready for 2020 and will be better for 2020, 2020 please be nice! Everyone let’s fight for this New Year! Cheers!