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Divine Fury Review

Rating : 5 out of 5

Hello and welcome to Slow On Blog. Back with me, today I wanted to tell you about a 2019 Korean Movie review, Divine Fury. I am not lying but this is a movie that you MUST watch! 

The genre of this movie is an action, horror, thriller and i think has a bit of fantasy. I’ve been waiting for this movie after seeing the trailer from Park Seo Joon Instagram account (bn_sj2013)

I am one of Park Seo Joon fans 🙂 

Starring Park Seo Joon as the main actor makes me fluttered for every scene of this movie. I bet you might too.  

At first, I was afraid because they will give you the dark scene. Minutes by minutes pass by and it gives a little funny scene to release your tension. At the end, it’s the climax and everything was …. I can’t explain more about it. But one word, WOW. 

The film began production on August 14, 2018. It reunites director Jason Kim and actor Park Seo Joon, who worked together in the 2017 sleeper hit Midnight Runners.


Divine Fury tells the story of Yong Hoo (Park Seo Joon) that lost his father. Yong Hoo is a martial arts champion, that was given a divine power to fight with evil force. He got a trauma after losing his father, that makes him harbored deep resentment towards the Almighty. After facing some queer things, he develops a stigmata, which forces him to seek the help of Father Ahn (Ahn Sung Ki). Both Yong Hoo and Father Ahn became the two partners that battle for demonic activity in Korea. 


Park Seo-joon as Yong-hoo

Park Seo Joon is an actor, and a singer from South Korean. He was born on December 16, 1988. Made his debut in 2011 by appearing on I Remember – Bang Yong Guk Music Video. He then appeared in television dramas Dream High 2 (2012) and a lot more dramas. On Kill Me, Heal Me and She Was Pretty, he became the main actor. He continued his journey to the movie actor. His first movie was Perfect Game as Chil Goo in 2011. Park also sing for some soundtrack of his own drama. He got a lot of rewards since 2013. He is a multi talented man indeed. 

Ahn Sung-ki as Father Ahn

Ahn Sung Ki is a legendary actor from South Korea. He was born on January 1, 1952. He is one of the most respected actors that appears for more than 130 films since 1957. His first film was Twilight Train (1957) and over 20 awards from famous awards he had won. At his age that was half a decade, He really put his effort to make Divine Fury comes as a great movie. He is such an extraordinary man after all.

Woo Do-hwan as Ji-shin

Woo Do Hwan was born on July 12, 1992 in South Korea. He is one of the KeyEast Ent. actors. He made his debut in 2011, appearing on You’re Here, You’re Here, You’re Really Here television series and Operation Chromite was his first film that was filmed in 2016. 

Choi Woo-shik as Father Choi (special appearance)

Choi Woo Shik, a 1990’s actor who appeared on Divine Fury as Father Choi was really made this movie more alive and funny. The first time I saw him was, when I watched Fight For My Way (2017), he was Park Moo Bin.   

Kim Si-eun as Theresa (special appearance)

I have got shock after searching for Kim Si Eun. She is an actress from South Korea that was born on August 1, 2001. Which means, She just younger than me one year and she sure is a great actress for her age. She is JYP Ent. actress and she made her debut in 2014 as the main characters in the children’s television series Pluto Secret Society. She is a daughter of Park Nam Jung (singer). 

Favorite Scene: 

Of course, I like the climax scene. When Yong Hoo with his motorcycle went to the place to kill the evil force.  

Well, i think that’s enough for the review. I hope you enjoy reading my review and once again, don’t forget to WATCH DIVINE FURY!