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Exit Korea Review

Title: Exit Korea

Year: 2019

Director: Lee Sang Geun

Starring: Jo Jung Suk, Im Yoon Ah

Genre: Action, Disaster, Comedy

Running Time: 103 minutes

Rating: 4.9 out of 5

Let me tell you a bit story before i watch this movie. At that time, me and my friends decided to watch a movie together. We searched and found some of the films that we wanted to watch and decided which one we would like to watch. 

The first time my friend mentioned Exit 2019, I got curious, and i watched the trailer on YouTube, then i read the synopsis. I got attracted to Exit 2019 and we decided to watch it. For some reason, I like action movies, especially about disasters. I found it interesting and fun to watch. 

This film stars Jo Jung Suk and Im Yoon Ah. One of my favorite movies after all the movies that I have watched this year. I recommend you to watch this movie because it is so gewd and will spend your time very well. 


The movie is about Yong Nam (Jo Jung Suk), one of the best rock climbers in college but hasn’t had much luck after his graduation. He remains jobless for many years and relies on his parents. Some people said that he is an idiot. 

The story begins when Yong Nam’s family was celebrating his mother’s 70’s birthday party at Dream Garden, a building where Eui Ju (Im Yoon Ah) his old crush works.

On the other side, when they were enjoying the party, there was a guy who drove a truck containing mysterious chemical gas and spoil it in front of the buildings. The gas has an impact of making people out of breath and it can easily spread through all over Seoul. I am still curious about why he spoiled the chemical gas.

Seeing that disaster happen, Yong Nam gave his best to save his family and did an extreme action to climb upon the Dream Garden’s building without safety rope to open the rooftop door that was locked. 

He then finally saved his family from the gas, and unluckily the rescue helicopter box had only a limited seat and couldn’t rescue two people. Yong Nam and Eui Ju decided to let go of the rescue helicopter and save others from the disaster first and they both wanted to wait for the second rescue helicopter to come in. 


A lot of action happening in this movie and what will happen to both of them, you will reveal it after watching the movie. The movie got me sweating and screaming by both lead actors action to save their life from the mysterious chemical gas.

Not only the action, this film also got a scene that will make you laugh. Even when it was actually a sad scene, I would laugh so loud. 

Yoo Na got a lot of awards from this movie and I really appreciate it. She did a really good job as a woman to climb the building and do running that makes me, myself so tired just by watching ‘em.

For the second time, I need to tell you that EXIT 2019 is a really good movie for you to watch with your family, friends and your loveliest. Don’t miss this good movie to spend your weekend. 

I think this is my shortest movie review out of all i wrote before. I didn’t know what to say more about this movie, it’s just so good and wow at the same time. All i have in my mind was the word to say, you should watch this. Well, okay, this is the end of my review and I hope you enjoy reading and thank you!