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How To : Spend Your New Year Eve 2020

It’s nearly the New Year and I got excited about that. There are a bunch of things i wish i could do for the new year, 2020 and i really want to change my 2019 bad habit as i will write it on my next post about my 2020 resolutions. 

This post is dedicated for you to enjoy your New Year Eve, even if you are alone at home. I actually don’t know what I will do for my New Year’s Eve. About 80%, I bet I will just watch our neighbor’s fireworks from my window. That’s a sad thing, but I do enjoy it for the past year. I love fireworks! Though, it’s too noisy. 

Maybe some of you will celebrate it in a different way, but let me give you some ideas on how to spend your New Year Eve for 2020! I am excited to talk about it hehe 


Exactly, this is what I wish for every NYE of my life, but did not get the chance to do it. I want to do the count down with a lot of strangers, make my wish while I stand in the open space waiting for the fireworks to pop out, screaming in happiness because, it’s already a new chapter of my life. I really like to imagine that to happen soon. One of my biggest wishes is to spend my New Year Eve in another country with my friends! I really want to go somewhere while having fun with my friends; i think it might be a perfect day! 


I never tried this before as I am not really a reader. But lately, I just got obsessed with reading novels and articles; I think reading is healing and good for our mind. I just tried to read more books as once a month I will go to the bookstore to purchase some books. 

Thinking about that, what do you do to your books after you read them? For me, I usually just let them dust on my bookshelf lol.

Family dinner 

It’s a fun thing to do! Eating is always great especially if you eat something that you really are craving for. Family dinner is a good thing for all, you can share your story with them while waiting for the food to be served and having time to see your family members (maybe if they come back to their hometown) The family dinner mustn’t something fancy (like you go to the expensive restaurant) but you can also cook your foods and enjoy it in your house, i think it’s more special and cheap. 

Me time 

Sometimes girls just wanna have rest from the hectic day. Does something that makes you feel happy! For me, I go to the relaxing treatment (spa), recently I started to do yoga or I would go to watch movies, dramas or watch live performances of my favorite artist. Guess who?

Clean out

I know! It only happens for those who are not lazy but i think cleaning out something before New Year is amazing. You will really go for the real you, as you clean out some things that you won’t use anymore (like clothes, cosmetics and other things).

Invite friends 

If you don’t want to spend your night alone, you can invite your best friend to come to your house and plan the pajamas party, delivering foods and watching movies, and Oh, BBQ parties are also one of my favorite ideas!

Join the celebration 

I once celebrated my New Year’s Eve dinner in one of my local hotels and I found it interesting to do. You can do the countdown with many people, watching the fireworks from the rooftop, wearing your costume according to the party theme. It would be an unforgettable moment!


I think this might be the last option of my list today. Many people will do this too. No special things, too lazy to do anything and don’t like to watch because none of the eye catching movies. So, sleeping is a good way to spend your NYE, even if it sounds so desperate but its okay to do it that way. 

Alright then, happy New Year eve 2020 everyone and i hope everything will be better! 

Thank you for reading this post and have a nice day 🙂