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iKON : i DECIDE Mini Album

Hello everyone! Hello iKONics from all over the world! Nice to meet you here. As you can tell from the title above, I will chit chatting about iKON’s new mini album, iDECIDE that was released on February 6, 2020. Have you streamed the songs? 

I’ve been waiting for too long. But it ended up makes me a lil bit upset. You know it already guys, iKON’s comeback without uri best leader, Kim Hanbin. I am so emotional and will start to cry now. 

I miss that man. His airport cute outfit, vlive stream, the iconic pose whenever he took a pic, instagram notifications, everything just everything about him. 

Okay, let’s end the sadness. iDECIDE has been released but why are you crying? Don’t need to do that. iKON will also be sad but that’s the truth everyone. We need to accept it and pray for the best for those boys. 

Before we start, let me know if you know about iKON or not. If you are not, you can visit my ABOUT iKON (their profile, facts and ideal type of girl) post here. 

The new iKON logo was released during the release of iDECIDE. There are pros and cons of this new logo and I personally would choose the old logo as it’s more cool and meaningful than the new one. 


iDECIDE is the third mini album from iKON. Contains 5 new songs with new colors ofc.  Actually, the album has been prepared since last year. But due to some reasons, they need to postpone the release date. Most of the songs are produced by Kim Hanbin. 

Ah Yeah 

Lyrics by: B.I, BOBBY 

Composed by: B.I, MILLENIUM 

Arranged by: MILLENIUM

After hearing the song, you can relate it to a marching band or opening of a movie/anime. Not gonna lie, that’s what i thought the first time i heard it. This song is highlighting Bobby and Chanwoo. You can listen to uri Chanwoo rapping in this song. I am thinking about Chanwoo’s part that (maybe) originally was Hanbin’s part. No hate. But, I think Chanwoo finally had the time to show his ability. Good job Chanu-ya! You did the best!

Dive (Title)

Lyrics by: B.I, 승

Composed by: B.I, Diggy, 강욱진

Arranged by: Diggy, 강욱진

To my way of thinking, the MV is combining the Love Scenario, I’m Okay, Bling Bling and Goodbye Road ambience and dance. Even before they start singing, just by hearing the first instrument, I got the feeling that ‘oh this song will be a hit!’ Who’s with me? 

The word I’ll dive into your world is the main key of this song and Ye Ye Ye Yeah really makes me love this song even more. 

The music arrangement is different from the old iKON’s; they really come back with the fresh air of iKON that really is amazing to me. 

All The World 

Lyrics by: B.I, DUSTY HAN, BOBBY

Composed by: B.I, Diggy, 강욱진

Arranged by: Diggy, 강욱진

It’s a retro vibes of song, when you hear this song you feel like you are along the beach dancing to this song. Just like Only You era. You can also hear Chanwoo’s rapping here. Uri maknae is going to break the limit. 

The whole world is colored with you is my favorite lyrics of this song.

Holding On 

Lyrics by: B.I

Composed by: B.I, Diggy, 강욱진

Arranged by: Diggy, 강욱진

The first second is like video games opening and i found it so cute. This song has really meaningful lyrics. I always relate the lyrics with Hanbin. I don’t know why. But that’s happened. 

Highlight of the lyrics:

I didn’t have much to regret, I understand that time is a medicine.

Holding on, it’s funny how back in the old days, it’s like we had the whole world.

I remember all of my favorite memories, but they’re all so bitter now.

I’m sick of the fact that you’re not going to be able to come back → this hit me like a crashing car. 


Lyrics by: 김동혁,  BOBBY

Composed by: 김동혁, HRDR, iHWAK

Arranged by: HRDR

One of my favorite songs from iDECIDE. Flower. Written by Dong Hyuk and Bobby. DK is going to become a great songwriter after Kim Hanbin. He has his own sense and color to produce songs. Flower is like a sad song from this album (my opinion). 

Highlight of the lyrics:

Following the clouds, somewhere over there, will the us of back then exist.

Because I couldn’t erase you leaving with a smile 

While seeing you grow even farther, I decided not to have regrets. 

Everything about you and me, I want to leave everything there, a sad feeling that I couldn’t express all my unspeakable words. 

Bye bye now, for now you still live in my heart

Even if the lyrics are not supposed to be for Hanbin, I personally always relate it to him. Every lyric that I read reminds me of the best songwriter of Love Scenario that has been away for good. Hope he gets some fresh air outside the hectic schedule of iKON. Hoping he will come back with the six member (not for YG). I just read the news about #YGSHAMELESS on Twitter, and I am started to burn out. You know YG, you are such a grisly entertainment i’ve ever seen.