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School 2015: Who Are You Review

I just finished watching this drama, and this series was good enough to make me miss my high school memories (a lit bit). It took me only 5 days to finish, because the ending of each episode makes me curious (its addicted lol). School 2015 is a drama that contains a lot of emotions. I really love this teen drama started from the synopsis, the role, the soundtrack and everything.  I give double thumbs up for the producer of this drama. It’s so great! I highly recommend you watch this drama; you can watch it on YouTube too with English subtitles on!

Today’s review will be special, because i am going to talk so much about the drama and i will give you a lot of spoilers. Let’s discover it together and discuss it here.


Who Are You: School 2015 is a teen South Korean television series, starring Kim So Hyun, Yook Sung Jae and Nam Joo Hyuk. School 2015 is focusing on the real high school student’s situation about bullying. I would say that, this series is a one complete package that will show you how much struggle high school students are. I personally really enjoyed watching the teen series rather than the historical one.

School 2015 aired on April 27 – June 16, 2015 with 16 episodes in total and 60 minutes each. Directed by Baek Sang Hoon and Kim Sung Yoon. According to my research, Thailand is going to remake the series in 2020 by starring Perawat Sangpotirat and Tipnaree Weerawatnodom.


Kim So Hyun

Kim So Hyun was born June 4, 1999 at Australia. She began her career when she was 7 years old, as an actress and gained public attention for playing as villainous young queen to be in Moon Embracing the Sun in 2012. She was labeled as Nation’s Little Sister, Queen of Child Actor and Goddess of Historical Drama. Aside from being an actress, she is also a host and a singer. She won 4 awards in 2015 from her series, Who Are You: School 2015. She role on a lot of TV series, one of them are Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (as Queen Sun Hee). 

Yook Sung Jae

I watched him on Goblin and notice that he has a great acting skill. He is a singer, actor, host and entertainer. He is a vocalist of BtoB (Geez, he has a sweet voice). He was born May 2, 1995. He also starred on We Got Married variety show with Red Velvet’s Joy (Soon, I will watch this show). He won the Best Couple Award with Kim So Hyun on KBS Drama Awards (Oh, I shipped this couple!)

Nam Joo Hyuk

You can visit his other drama that I’ve reviewed before, The Bride of Habaek. I put the information about him there.


Eun Bi is a girl who lives at the Love House, an orphanage in Tongyeong. She was bullied at her school by a gang of mean girls, led by Kang So Young (Cho Soo Hyang). Eun Bi and Eun Byul (Both played by Kim So Hyun) are identical twins, separated after Eun Byul is adopted at the age of 5. Both girl lives in two different situations and has different personality. Eun Byul studies at the most prestigious private high school in Seoul, Sekang High School. Eun Byul is the older sister; she is sarcastic and secretive while Eun Bi is soft hearted person. 

Han Yi An is Eun Byul’s best friend since they were kids. After all these years, Han Yi An has a secret feeling towards Eun Byul.

Go Tae Kwang is the son of Sekang High School’s director. His life is full of riches, but he hasn’t had enough care from his parents, because both parents are separated since he was a kid. He was known as a troublemaker in school, and his father described him as a crazy and problematic child and so his father was sending him to the mental hospital.

The matter began to rise when Eun Byul mysteriously disappeared and Eun Bi decided to end her life by jumping off a bridge.

More spoilers will be given below!


The picture above is when Eun Bi bullied by Kang So Young. I really hate Eun Bi for being weak! At first, I thought she was Eun Bi’s friend because she acted as if she pitied Eun Bi. Well she deserves to get an antagonist character cuz she got it perfect!

Still in the same situation, Eun Bi got bullied in the classroom, where everyone was busy with their own life. I feel like, wth is this? Was anybody wanted to help her? Was there no one? Literally no one?

This couple is so adorable OMG. Yi An and Eun Bi did morning exercise together. Just from seeing both of them like this, I feel so happy. Especially when Yi An tease Eun Bi by covering her head with her hoodie. Okay, I am jealous lol.

The tense situation when Eun Bi got trapped by the girl in the school for stealing that girl’s mom gold necklace and Yi An didn’t trust that fact and pull Eun Bi’s hand to talk privately with her. I feel the disappointment that Yi An experiencing and he was brave enough to take her away from the teacher. Well, this was pretty impressive, good job Yi An.

Okay, hands up if you are Eun Bi and Tae Kwang‘s shipper. We got a lot to chat here. Tae Kwang was playing the robot car and intentionally touching Eun Bi’s feet. The talk that made them gets closer. Tae Kwang was telling the secret about his father.  

The word I want to be alone today is the main concept of this picture. He wants Eun Bi to stay with him for a while after his chaos in his house. This scene was too sweet.

Here was So Young coming back to the scene and wanted to ruin everything. What exactly she is? Is she really a human? Someone please take her away from Eun Bi.

Yes, Tae Kwang was coming in perfect time to protect Eun Bi from So Young. Well, I sure love this scene even though, I thought this would happen. But still, I liked it.

I think this was the beginning of Tae Kwang really fall for Eun Bi. He accompanied her during the school break because Eun Bi didn’t want to go outside. They really are the best couple! Who agree?

Even if he knows the truth that she is not Eun Byul but he is the real man who loves her because she is herself, because she is Eun Bi. He wanted to be the first person to call her by her real name. Geez, I can’t handle this anymore. Tae Kwang really is the best partner ever.

When Yi An ignore Eun Bi and Yi An left her behind during their morning exercise. She was crying because her bicycle chain feels off and she can’t go to him. Oh my, and guess what? He comes to her immediately. How the world is spinning? I really can’t handle this anymore. I got dilemma who I should ship Eun Bi with. Both guys were just perfect!

This love triangle was not lying. The actors work really well to shake everyone’s heart. Yi An was asking the reality to Eun Bi and here is Tae Kwang came to safe Eun Bi. This scene got me choked for a second.

The definition of good friend came to Tae Kwang. He ordered some food to the school when he knows that Eun Bi was sad and didn’t want to eat. Can I get Tae Kwang in my real life?  

Yi An got hospitalized and he should rehab for being a swimmer. He ignores Eun Bi and didn’t want to meet her, I feel how sad Eun Bi will be, but here again Tae Kwang who was always ready to give her his shoulder to cry on. Really, this is really the reason I shipped them.

The real Eun Byul was coming to catch some attention. How can she still alive? Was there really a dead mistaken? I think this was the most unpredictable and doesn’t make any sense things from this drama. But I like it, if she was still alive. I wanted to see the twins on the same scene more. 

Eun Byul was coming to So Young to tell her, how much pain her sister was, because of So Young. I loved Eun Byul’s act so much and look at So Young was afraid enough just by hearing Eun Byul’s talking. Responding to violence with violence is beneath me. Eun Byul’s words was powerful!

Tae Kwang with his new hairstyle (i like this better) and coming all the way from Seoul to Tongyeong just to meet Eun Bi. Okay, this is incredible. Look how serious he was, he really loves Eun Bi. But why Eun Bi didn’t know that?

I thought Yi An loved Eun Byul, but there he was getting jealous when Tae Kwang kissed Eun Bi. I got shocked.

The man scene was cray. Look at them talking in both eyes to eyes and Yi An said he wanted to start over with Eun Bi. I can’t handle my mouth to not open wide. Wow man, wow, what is this?

Yi An and Eun Bi bus scene, hm, Yi An tells her that he loves her and wanted to start over with her. The way he looked at Eun Bi will melt everyone’s heart really. Listening to the earphone together, well I loved this scene. Uwu, my heart.

Tae Kwang was the man with half sided love and I really mad about this. I liked Yi An too, but Tae Kwang was always there when she needs him. Tae Kwang deserves to be with Eun Bi. Really.

The most heartbreaking scene and I bet some people will cry for this but I am not (idk why). Tae Kwang was telling the truth about his feelings and let Eun Bi choose her own life even though he was in pain. Oh, poor Tae Kwang.

Yi An was meeting Eun Bi before she leaves and giving her the medal that Eun Bi gave him before. He told Eun Bi to return the medal if she wanted to be with Yi An, while he will wait no matter how long it will. Hm, what should I do know? I even don’t know what to say. He is too sweet.

Eun Bi came back to school and on the way to school, she meets Yi An on the bus and she gave him the medal. Well, okay, if this is the ending I should just pretend to be okay, even though I am not. But both of them looked happy together and yeah, they also looked good to be together. And hey, this is the ending scene of School 2015, and tbh I need more episodes because; I still can’t get over this drama.


Tiger JK ft. Jinsil – Reset

Baechigi ft. Punch – Blow Away

Yoon Mi Rae – I’ll Listen To What You Have To Say 

Byul – Remember

Younha – Pray 

Jonghyun ft. Taemin (SHINee) – Named 

Red Velvet (Wendy) ft. Yuk Jidam – Return

Yook Sung Jae (BtoB) ft. Park Hye Soo – Love Song

Yook Sung Jae’s voice really fit this song to be one of my favorite soundtracks of this drama. The way he sang this song relates to his character in the drama.


No matter what happens, I know for sure that there is someone who cares about me, and I am not sad or lonely anymore

Lee Eun Bi, School 2015: Who Are You.