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Short Escape to Batam & Singapore

Batam is a small island in Indonesia’s Riau Archipelago in the South China Sea. A short boat ride from Singapore, it’s a free trade zone with multiple busy ports. It’s also known for its beaches, nightlife and malls offering duty-free shopping. 

Last week, I went to Batam for a short getaway and visit Singapore for a day. Without any further ado, let’s start revealing my 4 Days 3 Nights itinerary + where i stayed! 

December 6, 2019 

My day was well spent and I bought a lot of clothes in Batam. We arrived at 10 am and we stayed in Eatern Hotel (which is located in front of Batam City Square Mall and had a lot of food court around it)

The hotel was good enough for me and most importantly it’s clean, but unfortunately the hotel didn’t serve you any breakfast. 

After throwing our bag to the hotel room, we directly went to Nagoya Mall which burns my money out easily. I got a lot of clothes from various stores! Well, there are a lot of stores selling goods at a cheap price, even you can ask for a discount. The price of the clothes that I bought were varies, start from IDR100k to 300k that i found cheap and has a good quality. 

it doesn’t tasty

December 7, 2019 

We started our day 2 by a road trip to a famous bridge in Batam, Barelang Bridge. It took us about an hour+ to arrive, i think. 

Tbh, I don’t find anything special from the bridge because i think, it is just a bridge! So, we didn’t spend much time there, as we were just too busy thinking about another shopping day hehe.

Hence after going to the bridge, we went to Mega mall for eating our lunch in one of the restaurants that serve typical Indonesian food, i eat ayam bakar madu and i love it <3 

During my time in Mega mall, I only bought in 2 brands store Uniqlo and This is April.

In the afternoon, we ate at one of the restaurants near the harbor. We went to eat seafood and vegetables. The crab was so gewd and fresh!

8 December 2019 

On this rainy and gloomy day, we went to Singapore for a one day tour. We waited for our boat and took a ride for 45 min and finally we arrived in Singapore. We met our driver in Singapore and we went with a minivan as we were 10 people. 

Jewel Changi Airport

First stop, we went to one of the famous instagrammable spots in Singapore, Jewel Changi Airport – it’s a new place where you can see the waterfalls inside the airport. The situation was hectic with the Christmas vibes. 


Merlion Park

After going to Jewel, we were going to Singapore Merlion Park which is also another favorite spot in Singapore, where you can see the Lion statue that spouting water from his mouth, seeing the Marina Bay Sands building and the high rise buildings representing Singapore city.

The wind though

We went for a walk and bought our soft ice cream there, i bought the J ice cream and my sis bought the cone one. It cost about IDR60k and it tastes right, not really tasty but it’s fine. Along the place, there were many restaurants.  


Garden by the Bay

Next,we were going to Garden by the Bay, it was a huge garden and I didn’t spend much time there so, for the NOTE:  if you want to go there and you have limited time. Make sure to search about the place that picturesque, so you can immediately go there and find a good spot for your Instagram feeds. Use Google! 

Oh, I found this cute corner while i was wondering where the good place was. So, I took a picture here, the place where there was orange flowers and white background, pretty simple. 

Since Christmas is coming they put some Christmas decorations for the visitors. Hm, they said it’s better to go to Garden by the Bay in the night, because there will be a bunch of light! 

We also went to the shopping place that i forgot to take the picture, but the situation was crowded and I got one dress that cost me IDR200k after discount. It has a premium quality and i love the red color and patterns. 

just want to share the christmas decoration to you guys!

Universal Studio Singapore n VivoCity

We went to Universal Studio (just in front of it) to take pictures with the globe. Around the place you can go for a walk, eat, buy souvenirs and playing games to get gift (dolls and others) I saw a lot of people get their dolls, a really big dolls, and I wondered how to bring it to their hometown. It’s a good place for couples or friends because I saw a lot of them!

my cutie pie

Lastly, we went to VivoCity, took MRT ride and go to the harbor. 

the christmas tree

Well, that’s how my day in Singapore ends. I personally love Singapore but, i didn’t like the immigration office, because of my (only) four letter name, i always got called every time I went there. I actually really want to go to Universal Studio Singapore but yeah, let me think twice. 

9 December 2019 

It’s my sis’s birthdate. We were going to have a surprise for her in the morning. I walked across the street to finally arrive at BCS mall that is located right in front of our hotel; even we can see the building from our window. 

Ps. it’s good to see the night view inside our hotel room, but the noise was real. It’s too noisy in the middle of the night but, luckily i am not getting disturbed by them because, every time i landed on my bed, i fell asleep immediately.

Alright, it was around 8-9 am and the mall was still close. We walked around the mall and went inside the mall while the chef and staff were busy preparing for the opening. Luckily, we found J.Co donuts and a piece of cake with candles. We were ready for the surprise!

look how cute my niece is 🙂

Okay, this is a bit video about the surprise (she looks happy but not really surprise lol) but that’s okay, we did it. 

Just random thought, I bought a new cabin luggage because, my bag was full and did not fit all of my (new) things. You guys can imagine how many items I bought lol.  

This is my last day in Batam and I’d like to visit this city again for another shopping day lol. Okay, that’s enough for the short story of my getaway. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to see my other travel journey!