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Spring in Japan 2019

Japan, was never on my bucket travel list until then. Japan with Tokyo as the capital city has a lot of stories to be told. The culture, foods, influential music industry, anime, video gaming and so many modern technologies came from Japan. Japan has four largest cities; they are Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku. On my trip to Japan, I went to 3 different cities. They are Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo and additionally Mt. Fuji Area.

What i loved from this country is the weather and how clean this country is. I’ve began to imagine if people in Indonesia is as discipline as people in Japan. They don’t throw rubbish in the street and they scarcely smoking in the street. Well, i wish it to be happening.

I spent 4 days in Japan and here’s the simple information about the places i went

  1. Universal Studio Osaka
  2. Arashiyama Bamboo Forest
  3. Fushimi Inari
  4. Gion district
  5. Motosu Highland
  6. Arakurayama Sengen Park
  7. Oshinohakkai
  8. Ushiku Daibutsu
  9. What I eat?
  10. Where I stay?

Universal Studio Osaka

My day one in Japan, I went to Universal Studio Osaka. One of the biggest theme parks in Japan. Home for a lot of characters from famous movies such as Minions, Harry Potter, Terminator, Jurassic Park and many others.

My first spot was The Wizarding Harry Potter – one of the most favorite spot in Universal Studio. There, you can taste an iconic butter beer from the movie of Harry Potter. I bought it for ¥650; it tastes fine for me and it’s a non-alcohol drink. The building in Harry Potter spot was amazing. It feels like winter, though it was spring when I was there. I went for the 4D attraction, and it took me for about an hour to enter the attraction. It was so crowd when i was there. Inside the building of 4D, they gave me a key locker to keep my things that doesn’t have to be brought during the ride. The wall was decorated with images that can move (I don’t know the exact term for that) and wow, I am amazed.

They will separate us into 4 people per ride and I went with my two cousins. We were screaming like crazy during the ride. I gives the Harry Potter ride as 5 out of 5 stars (it’s really fun. I am not lying).

My second spot was the Hollywood Dream. I took a backward roller coaster ride for the first time. After one and a half hour of waiting, we arrived at the near gate to the roller-coaster ride. They allow us to keep our things in the place that were given. But don’t worry, they lock it for us. We got to choose what song for the ride and I choose the Japanese song. I don’t know how many minutes the ride was, because I feel like flying from the beginning of the ride until the end. I rate this as 4 out of 5 stars. You must try this even you are a scaredy cat like me lol.

My third spot was Minion Park. We waited for about an hour and took a 4D ride to become a minion and works under Gru. Some people said it may give you a dizzy ride after doing it. Lucky us, we got the backseat so we can lean on the back. I give this ride as 3 out of 5 stars. So sorry, I think it kind of boring.

My fourth spot was Terminator 3D. This is my last spot in Universal Studio and this is the longest waited after all. I don’t even know how long I waited for this attraction. Because we just so tired and wasting our time chit chatting about our last roller coaster ride so fantastically. After a long lost waiting, we were given 3D glasses to watch Terminator. But before that, there will be a woman that talked everything in Japanese (poor me, i don’t know what she’s talking about). Entering the real theater for 3D Terminator, again, it was all Japanese. Two of my cousins took their 30 minutes sleeping during the show and I forced myself to stay awake and watched the movie (guess, I still didn’t get what they were doing until now) LOL. I rate this attraction 2 out of 5 stars.


There are plenty of cute restaurants here in Universal Studio but we don’t have any interest to eat it because mostly they were fast food. After strolling around, we ended up buying churros. I bought the Chocolate Churros (¥480) and my cousin bought the Cinnamons Churros (they said it taste good). It was chewy inside and crunchy outside, super delicious! I need more please 🙁

Arashiyama Bamboo Forest

Day 2 in Japan, we went to Arashiyama Bamboo Forest – one of the most important sightseeing districts in Kyoto. On my way to Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, I saw a Rickshaws or human cab. It is a ride where there are maximum of 2-3 passengers and getting carried by human. I feel how tired they were, when working as human cab. Another things you can see in Arashiyama Bamboo Forest was the people who wearing the traditional Japanese clothes. There were also places to rent it. Our guide said it took 1 hour to prepare for wearing Kimono. So we didn’t go for it.


I bought my first ice cream in Japan. The double flavors ice cream. Pink for the Sakura and green for the Matcha. It tastes super delicious and it melts fast.

We went to one of the store near the train rail and I bought my Strawberry Mochi filled with red beans (450¥). The strawberry was bigger than the normal size I ate and it taste sweeter than I ever had. A very nice combination of the red beans, chewy Mochi and sweet strawberry. Yum!

Fushimi Inari

Fushimi Inari is another Japan iconic place to go, where there are 1800 vermillion oranges torii gates. We took a walk through the oranges torii gates and found a place where there were a lot of people washing their hands with water and drank it. We took our chance to do it so. Not much to see here, just thousands of oranges torii gates and some stand that sells Japanese street food.

Gion District


Gion is the Kyoto’s most famous *Geisha district located around Shijo Avenue between Yasaka Shrine in the east and the Kamo River in the west. Gion is where you can see the old houses of Japan. The colors of the wood were nearly black. I don’t have enough time during my trip to Gion and I think I should get more hours to stroll around the Gion District (if i have another chance 😉 )

*Geisha are traditional female Japanese entertainers. They are skilled at different Japanese arts, like playing classical Japanese music, dancing and poetry.

Motosu Highland (Shiba – Sakura Festival)


Hundred thousands of Shiba sakura or “moss phlox” bloom neatly and peacefully on an expansive site at the base of Mt. Fuji. It feels refreshing seeing a lot of gorgeous flowers here, I saw small store selling the special Mt. Fuji mochi and I saw the Japanese street attractions during my walk.

Arakurayama Sengen Park


Arakurayama Sengen Park was located in Fuji Yoshida City in Yamanashi. Took us a (not so) short walk from the bus park to the Park. We took 400 steps of stairs and finally arrived at the iconic vermilion 5 story pagodas which were built as a monument for all those who had died in battle during World War I. From there, you can see the whole city in front of Mt. Fuji and feel the breeze and fresh air from it. So refreshing though.


A touristy set of eight of ponds in Oshino. A small village in the Fuji Five Lake region, located between Lake Kawaguchiko and Lake Yamanakako on the site of a former sixth lake that dried out several hundred years ago.

From here, you can see the view of Mt. Fuji very clear. Lucky us, we had a chance to see the top of the Mt. Fuji clearly without fog. Here, you can take a picture with famous Sakura trees and you can have a taste of the real Mt.Fuji water from the dragon mouth.

P.s: the water taste cold and fresh.


You can buy some goods related to Mt. Fuji in one of the store there and I bought this Matcha bun. It tastes a bit weird and it again filled with red beans.

Ushiku Daibutsu


Last day in Japan we went to Ushiku Daibutsu. Ushiku Daibutsu is located south east of the city of Tsukuba in Ibaraki Prefecture and was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the tallest Buddhist statue in the world at 120 meters (38-story building).

When i arrived there, the weather was a bit gloomy. The situation was calm and silent. Everything is really healing for me.

We had a chance to go inside the Ushiku Daibutsu building. We were given a plastic for putting our shoes before we entered the building.

Let me tell you what’s inside.

The first floor, we were given a minute to keep silent and peace our mind, soul and heart.

The second floor, this is the place where you copy the sutra with your heart for Amitabha Buddha.

The third floor, it is the golden world that surrounded by approximately 3,400 images of Buddha.

The fourth and fifth floor, Room of Mt. Grdhrakuta – a name of the Indian Place remembered in connection with Buddha.

There are windows at every four directions and you can look out East, West, South and North. But we didn’t go to this fourth and fifth floor.


After finished strolling around, I bought this Japanese street food, it fills with red beans (but you also can have the chocolate fills) It tastes delicious. Yummy!

What to eat in Japan?


There are a lot of delicious foods in Japan and of course healthy. Japanese people are really care about their health so they didn’t use any ‘micin or MSG’ on their foods. I taste the raw salmon and unexpectedly it tastes soft and delicious, i can’t. I just realized it later, poor me. The crab in Japan was served cold and it rich of meat inside. My favorite food during my trip was sushi and salmon. Yes!

Where to stay?


This hotel is located in Osaka and is situated 1,1 Km from Billboard Live Osaka. I recommend you to stay here during your holiday in Osaka. Near the hotel you can find a small drugstore that provides you almost everything and i think the price was cheaper than other store i walked by. We stayed for two nights in Vischio Hotel. The room was clean and neat. There are plenty of foods for your breakfast. I ate the fried onion rings and sushi. Oh, the mashed potatoes taste so delicious too. Overall i gave this hotel as 5 out of 5.



This hotel is situated in Gamagori, 10 Km from Laguna Gamagori. My second stay in Japan was in Tatsuki. This hotel provides you with a sea view and Onsen (hot spring bath). They differentiate the toilet and washroom. They have a small tub in the washroom. You will not sleep in the usual modern bed but you will sleep using a futon (Japanese traditional style of bedding). This is my first time slept by using futon and I like it! Tatsuki gives you a large room that feels like home. We had our dinner here in our hotel. Everything looks pretty and neat but the taste didn’t suit me well.


Tominoko is a distinct addition to the city’s skyline. This hotel is in the vicinity of popular city attractions such as Kawaguchiko Herb Hall, Kawaguchiko Tenjoyama Park, Mt. Kachi Ropeway and Kawaguchiko Music Forest.

We had our dinner in hotel and we ate crab, sushi and a lot of things. Oh, this hotel also provides you with Onsen. But they said the previous hotel had a better onsen. We went walking during our night in Tominoko. The weather was so clear and cold. We had a great time sleeping in Tominoko but the room was a bit small and again, they differentiate the toilet and washroom.


This is our last hotel in Japan. It located in Tokyo and situated an 8 minute walk from both JR Tamachi Station and Mita Subway Station. This hotel has a great view from the hotel room and we went a bit walk to the minimarket and Watson. We went walking at night and enjoying the night view while eating the yogurt. In the morning, they change their lobby into breakfast place. They didn’t serve much food for the breakfast. I ended up eating bread and cake only.

So these are my schedule during my days in Japan. I hope you like my writings and thanks for reading. OH, don’t forget to watch my travel montage below 🙂