Slow On Blog


The Journey

1st December 2018,

I started my first post on my previous website on, without any experience, purchasing my first domain and hosting for Making my decision to buy the domain. It costs me $22 yearly. That’s my expending for my blog. Every night searching for new ideas, reading other blog posts, finding a motivation to always go further for my blog.

Mid December 2018,

I got the news that Google AdSense accepted me to add ads to my blog and started making money from my blog. I feel like a dog with two tails.

Mid January 2019,

I found out that I got $0.15 on my Google AdSense and I got so excited for that. Though it only a small amount of money.

Mid 2019,

I begin to stop writing posts because I thought that everything I did for my blog was not good enough. Some errors come to my blog.

Early October 2019,

I opened my blog and see what I did wrong; I’ve decided to export my web to to find a new world of blogging and started all over again soon. After struggling to get my blog exported to wordpress…

21th September 2019,

Finally go for wordpress, choose for the best template I liked, edited my template and everything, makes some draft posts. My days go for searching, thinking, working, relaxing, and so on.

28th September 2019,

Everything is somehow getting set up, my template was almost done, the pages I’ve made are done, 3 draft and more to go.

1st November 2019,

Okay! Finally my first post on my new website is up. Looking forward to start a new page. Let’s break a leg!