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The World of Married K-drama Review

Hey guys, it’s been a long time since i wrote my last review. As you know it already. I’ve been busy growing my YouTube. If you have a chance, please visit my channel and do subscribe. Thanks. Today’s review is about A World of Married!

Hm, A World of Married or also known as A World of Marriage Couple is my fifth kdrama in the year of 2020. I am kinda proud of myself as i watched a lot of kdrama. For some reason, watching ‘em is entertaining and somehow grows my imagination. So, yeah. Today’s is going to be a lot. As this drama is on another level. You know? It actually an 18+ kdrama where a lot of the scene are containing something *** as i am now 20 yo. Maybe that’s not a problem. I keep on skipping the scene as i don’t actually enjoy that kind of drama but a lot of people recommend that I watch it. So i think I’ll give it a try.

I don’t know how it works but this drama is so different from other kdramas I’ve ever watched. It’s about a married couple as the title says so. Aside from that, it also tells about family, friends, job and life.

We need to be wise in choosing what we should do.

That’s what I got from the drama.


A World of Married tells a story of a married couple whose betrayal of one another leads to a whirlwind of revenge, grief and healing. I just researched it and found out the fact that this drama is based on BBC One’s drama series named Doctor Foster which stars Suranne Jones in the title role. WOW! I just watched the trailer of the series and i think it has the same feeling/ambience.

Well, a lot of things are happening to this drama starting from the real main lead and also the story. According to Wikipedia, it says, A World of Married got high ratings both nationwide (18.829%) and Seoul (21.188%).

My first impression seeing the first episode is the movie of Parasite who won an Oscar not long ago. The scene in the second episode looks like a Parasite ending scene where the man starts killing people with just a knife.

A World of Married also aired on Indonesia TV. I didn’t expect this drama to actually be aired on Indonesia TV but it already aired.


Kim Hee-Ae as Ji Sun-Woo

Sun Woo is a revered family medicine doctor and the associate director at Family Love Hospital. At first, she has a normal life until she starts suspecting her husband. I think Sun Woo is a smart woman. She notices a small thing that’s why she knows her husband cheated on her. Her life is getting complicated as her husband cheated.

Park Hae-Joon as Lee Tae-Oh

He’s Sun Woo’s husband who cheated on Da Kyung. One word for this man is ANCI (the word, me and my friends used to say when something bad happens, it has the same meaning as ANJIR in Indonesia) why I’m explaining this to you LOL

He is… he makes me feel disgust by seeing his face. Doesn’t have any shame and if he knows he’s wrong he likes to blame others. He doesn’t have any pride. To be true, he doesn’t have anything! He only has his body. That’s crazy! His life is just parasitizing to his wife. How crazy is that?

I really am mad just by saying things about him.

Han So-Hee as Yeo Da-Kyung

Da Kyung is an attractive, pretty young girl who has a wealthy family. But, I don’t get why she likes Tae Oh. To be honest, she can actually get a more handsome and good husband than Tae Oh but who knows, if the story leads her to that guy. She is the second wife of Tae Oh.

Park Sun-Young as Go Ye-Rim

I can say that she’s the kindest woman in the drama. Her husband likes to cheat on her, but she still loves him. I really can’t stand to see her character in this drama. She’s actually a pretty woman and not supposed to be cheated by her husband.

Kim Young-Min as Son Je-Hyuk

He’s the real f*** boy tbt. I hate his character so much. I first saw him in CLOY and now, I really hate him. Every Time i saw his face I felt like YIKES. He’s such a shame and should be thrown away from this world.

Chae Gook-Hee as Seol Myung-Sook

She’s single and a friend of both Sun Woo and Tae Oh. At the very beginning of the series, she’s really a bad girl in my opinion. She has 2 faces as human (if you get what I’m saying). She seems like a bridge between Sun Woo and Tae Oh, a bridge that kills one sided or both. Having a friend like her is so horrible!

Lee Moo-Saeng as Kim Yoon-Gi

He’s a doctor and colleague of Sun Woo at the hospital. His character is kinda confusing between good or bad people. At some moment i feel like he’s bad but sometimes he’s not.

He’s the one whose most people said is a family of Sun Woo but there’s no real fact about it and I actually think he’s going to be Sun Woo’s husband but yeah.. Let’s see…

Jeon Ji Seo as Lee Joon Young

He’s Sun Woo and Tae Oh’s only son. His character makes it more and more difficult. After his parents separated, he got into a lot of trouble. I personally like how he acts and I can say he’s going to be a great actor when he gets older. He has a good looking face and good acting. Keep it up, boy!


Not really a favorite scene but i like the scene where Sun Woo and Joon Young starts their new life without her father. I feel like it’s the best moment of the drama.

That’s the end of my review. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!