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Title : Itaewon Class (이태원 클라쓰)

Year : 2020

Director :  Kim Sung Yoon 

Starring :  Park Seo Joon, Kim Dami

Genre : Drama

Episodes : 16

Rating : 5 out of 5 ✨

I always always wait for Park Seo Joon’s new series or movie. Really like his acting and visuals. I am his fan! I started to watch his all series as i watched Fight for My Way. Some people get to know him when he’s in Itaewon Class. All in all, i don’t really like his hair in Itaewon Class. I like his hair better in She Was Pretty, the brownish color hair! He looks stunning there. 

But though he looks like a peanut in Itaewon Class but still likes how the series flows for each episode. Maybe, i know how the ending will end starting from the beginning of the story but i don’t really know how the plot will go. 

Itaewon Class gives me a lot of inspiration on doing what i’m doing right now. It tells me not to give up easily, need to make a big dream and always wanted to get it, not to listen to someone who will make me down, always think positive (though it’s not easy), at the end of the story, the series just wanted to make you reach your dream even though it’s not easy! 

It reminds me of Coldplay’s song lyrics, nobody said it was easy! 

The scenes are making me have goosebump because of how Park Seo Joon and other leads try really hard to express the story. 


Itaewon Class is basically from the Webtoon series written by Gwang Jin.  

The story tells about Park Sae Ro Yi who loses his father because of an accident caused by a guy who hates his father and Sae Ro Yi. He started his own independent life after that accident. Making him want to become rich and have a power (not that magical power, but the power (?) how to explain it but i think you’ll understand) he makes his journey to success after he is released from jail. He started his pub business in Itaewon. He starts from the scratch with the help of only a few workers whose he believes will have a bright future like how he believes he will. 


Park Seo Joon as Park Sae Ro Yi 

The main lead of Itaewon Class and the owner of DanBam Pub. He’s having a lot of trouble in doing his business but still wishing for the best result at the end. His character is good as he never gives up until he succeeds in reaching his goal! (that’s what makes me love his character here).

Kim Da Mi as Jo Yi Seo

Yi Seo is a selebgram who has a lot of followers (she’s famous). She meets Park Sae Ro Yi when she visits DanBam pub without any expectations. She helps Sae Ro Yi to grow his Pub. She’s a smart and intelligent woman. She’s the manager of DanBam Pub. 

Kwon Na Ra as Oh Soo Ah

Soo Ah is an orphanage girl who knew Sae Ro Yi’s father and Sae Ro Yi when she was a teenager. She knows from the beginning how Sae Ro Yi lost his father and who made it. She is an independent and I don’t know what’s in her mind actually. It’s kinda confusing. 

Ahn Bo Hyun as Jang Geun Won

He’s the son of Jangga Co. He is a bad boy (in my opinion). Whose wanted to make Sae Ro Yi lose. He thinks Sae Ro Yi as his only rival and that makes him do anything to make Sae Ro Yi weak and bent down to him and his father. 

Yoo Jae Myung as Jang Dae Hee

He’s the owner of Jangga Co. He’s famous, rich and an old guy. I think he’s not a good father. The old man who teaches bad things to his son, Geun Won. He only thinks about himself and doesn’t think about others. He always wants Sae Ro Yi to kneel down to him because he thinks Sae Ro Yi owes him a big fish. 


A lot of the soundtracks are good and meaningful. I really enjoy the soundtrack. Let me tell you my favorite soundtrack that makes me reflect on myself. 

Still Fighting It – Lee Chan Sol

This is my main favorite soundtrack. Everytime the song plays on the series, it feels so touching. The song is about never giving up and you should fight it even if it’s hard. The song represents Sae Ro Yi and his father’s relationship. How hard Sae Ro Yi’s life is without his father and how he always pushes himself to become successful for the sake of his father. The song is inviting tears 🙁

Stone Block – Ha Hyun Woo

The moment when this song is being played is when something good happens. The melody of this song really suits the situation and moment where Sae Ro Yi is savage towards Jangga Co. 

Someday, The Boy – Kim Feel

No word can describe how this song really kills all the emotions every time I listen to this song. Even my mom loves this song. 


Almost all of the scene are my favorite scene. I can’t really choose the exact favorite but every time I see Sae Ro Yi doing something good and making Jangga Co lose his words it’s my favorite. 


Everyone is given the same amount of time. But, i realized that the depth of the time he and i spent was completely different

Itaewon Class 2020

They said, “the bigger you dream, the bigger you’ll grow” 

Itaewon Class 2020

I sometimes wonder if there’s really any point in living.

Life is just so pointless and obvious.

We all grow old and die one day before we even turn 100.

But we all try so hard to live a decent life.

It would’ve been nice if i was never born in the first place

Jo Yi Seo – Itaewon Class

Your life might seem repetitive. but no one really knows what could happen tomorrow. Not a single day was predictable for me. Some days were tough, some days were sad but something fun always came along every once in a while. Your boring life might turn into an exciting one

Park Sae Ro Yi – Itaewon Class