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Welcome to Waikiki 2 Review

Title: Welcome to Waikiki 2 [으라차차 와이키키 2]

Year: 2019

Director: Lee Chang Min 

Starring: Lee Yi Kyung, Kim Seon Ho, Shin Hyun Soo, Moon Ga Young, Ahn So Hee, Kim Ye Won

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama 

Episodes: 16 (70 minutes each) 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

I was so happy when I found out that Welcome to Waikiki will make their next sequel. I have watched Welcome to Waikiki 1, and i love the drama so much. A little throwback about Waikiki 1 which aired on February 5, 2018 starring Lee Yi Kyung, Kim Jung Hyun, Jung In Sun, Son Seung Won, Ko Won Hee and Lee Joo Woo.

Waikiki 1 got a lot of attention, because of the comedy drama that can make you laugh, just by seeing the actors face. I also recommend Waikiki 1 to my friends and they have the same idea as me. They said Waikiki 1 is worth watching and have a great joke. 

Okay, let’s get to the main topic! Welcome to Waikiki 2 is (as you know it already) the next sequel of Welcome to Waikiki 1. Waikiki 2 release on March 25, 2019. The drama depicts the friendships, love and dreams of young people who want to get more money and becoming successful.

The story tells about the life of people inside Waikiki Guesthouse. Lee Jun Ki (Lee Yi Kyung), an unpopular actor (since Waikiki 1) is the CEO of Waikiki Guesthouse who faces a bankruptcy. He decided to invite his high school friends, Cha Woo Shik (Kim Seon Ho) and Kook Ki Bong (Shin Hyun Soo) to invest their money to Waikiki Guesthouse. 

Cha Woo Shik who dreams of becoming a musician and wanted to make his own album music while Kook Ki Bong dreams of becoming a baseball player because, he really loves to play baseball since he was a kid. Aside from Cha Woo Shik and Kook Ki Bong, Kim Jeong Eun (Ahn So Hee) is also living in the Waikiki Guesthouse; she is Jun Ki’s university friend who works part time and dreams of becoming an actress. 

Short plot:

The drama starts from an incident that makes the three men accidently meet their high school first love Han Seo Yeon (Moon Ga Young) that going through a hard time as her father is facing bankruptcy that cause her wedding to be failed. The three men ask her to stay in the guesthouse while her father is being chased by police. Not long after this, there comes Woo Shik’s older sister Cha Yu Ri (Kim Ye Won) that wants to live in the guesthouse.

At first, Woo Shik and his friends doesn’t want Yu Ri noona to live with them, because she is manipulative and knows how to use other’s weaknesses to get what she wants. 

A lot of problems they are facing in everyday life start from the happy and funny moment until the sad and motivated moment. All of that has the purpose of telling us to stay positive and don’t give up to chase our dream even though it might be hard to get.

Waikiki 1 VS Waikiki 2

If someone asks me which series i like, i would say i like Welcome to Waikiki 1 more than Waikiki 2. I don’t know why, but in Waikiki 2, i found something lacking about the actors performances even though i know they tried so hard to put their best on this drama and after watching this, I realize that I started to like Cha Woo Shik a bit because of his dimple smile and great act.

But still, Waikiki 1 is much more natural than Waikiki 2. When i first watch Waikiki 2, i miss the two lead actors from Waikiki 1. Some part of the drama was just like the same with Waikiki 1 and they just make it different (a lil bit). One of my favorite scene from Waikiki 1 was gwencana scene but i can say that i am not actually good with gwencana scene on Waikiki 2 because it seems like forcing us to laugh on it.

I ask suggestion from my friends about the review of them watching this drama and they ended up getting the same opinion as me. The opinion that says Waikiki 1 is more natural than Waikiki 2. 

In conclusion, i don’t know whether i should tell you to watch Waikiki 2 or not but if you want to, or if you are curious about it, you can go for it. I think if you watch Waikiki 2 before you watch Waikiki 1 you would like the Waikiki 2. But if you already watch the Waikiki 1 you will know what I am feeling about. Peace for everyone! This is just my honest review about the drama and i hope you can understand it. Thank you for reading my review and see you on my next review


I thought I was okay, but i guess i am not.

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